Criminal Defense: What if You're Guilty?

It's no secret that hiring a criminal defense attorney is essential if you've been falsely accused of a crime, but what happens if you're guilty? Even if the charges against you are valid, it's important to understand that a criminal defense attorney is an essential asset. Here's why.

With more than 10 million arrested made in 2017, it should be no surprise that many Americans who are arrested are innocent and did not commit the crimes they are accused of. Many times, however, the arrested party is at fault and is guilty of the charges. Some adults feel that if they are guilty, their attorney may judge them or may not want to help them; however, crafting a great criminal defense involves understanding as many details of the situation as possible. The more information you can give your attorney about the situation, the more likely they will be to help lower or reduce your charges even if you do walk away with a "guilty" verdict. If you've been charged with a crime that you did commit, there are a few things you need to know.


First off, understand that you are entitled to legal counsel and you are allowed to defend yourself when facing the law. Your attorney will work with you to create a defense that is strong and thorough. Understand that if your attorney knows you are guilty of the crime, they will not be able to knowingly lie to the judge or the court; however, the attorney can defend you in other ways. For example, let's say that you were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, but you have three roommates. Your attorney may approach your defense in several ways. He may argue that there is not enough evidence to prove you were the owner of the drugs. He may attack the way the police officers obtained the evidence. Your attorney could even discuss the way you were read your rights or treated while being held for interrogation. Your lawyer's job is to help you, so keep in mind that even if you are guilty, they will do everything in their power to defend you.


Some people worry that if they admit guilt to their lawyer, they will immediately be out of options and will undoubtedly have to face the maximum jail sentence. Keep in mind, however, that a lot goes into determining how much jail time (if any) you'll face. Prior offenses may play a role, but so will the way you handle yourself during the legal process. Even if you are guilty of selling drugs, using drugs, or stealing, your attorney will review the charges and the potential outcomes of your case with you. Your lawyer may give you options for how you want to plea. You can discuss this with your attorney and together, you can create a plan that will help you move forward.

No matter what type of criminal charges you're facing, understand that even if you're guilty, there is still hope. Your lawyer wants to help represent you to the best of their ability, so don't waste time. When you realize you're in a legal situation that could result in fines or jail time, reach out to an attorney who can represent you.