Latest North Carolina DWI enforcement weekend nets hundreds of arrests

The consequences of a drunk driving conviction in North Carolina can be very serious. In addition to losing your driver's license for a period of time, a DWI means fines, increased insurance costs, the possibility of having to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle and in many cases, jail time. Even first time offenders must serve a minimum 24 hours of imprisonment or community service under North Carolina law.

On certain weekends, North Carolina law enforcement authorities step up drunk driving enforcement, increasing the odds that you will face a DWI arrest. Over the recent St. Patrick's Day holiday, hundreds of North Carolina drivers were arrested in the statewide "Booze It & Lose It" campaign. Yet, a DWI arrest is not the same as a conviction, and many drivers may have viable legal options to fight the drunk driving charges levied against them.

Officers focused on drunk driving, but also issued many other citations

The 2013 "Booze It & Lose It" campaign ran from March 15 through March 17. It consisted of more than two thousand sobriety checkpoints and dedicated patrols throughout the entire state of North Carolina.

Over the course of the campaign, officers made more than 690 DWI arrests. Officers also issued citations and made arrests for other offenses during the campaign, including:

• 1,458 seat belt violations

• 258 child passenger safety violations

• 5,842 speeding violations

• 555 drug charges

In addition, 407 individuals with outstanding arrest warrants were taken into custody.

Picked up in the North Carolina DWI crackdown? Call an attorney for legal help

There can be many ways to challenge evidence against you in a criminal case that arises from a traffic stop. Perhaps the officer didn't have a valid reason for pulling you over. Or, in a DWI case, there could be issues with the blood alcohol test; was the breathalyzer properly calibrated and in good working order? Did the officer give you the correct instructions?

You have rights that law enforcement officers must respect, and evidence collected in violation of these rights cannot be used against you. If you were one of the drivers arrested in the recent "Booze It & Lose It" campaign, a North Carolina DWI lawyer can analyze your case and offer advice on your legal options. Contact an attorney today to begin building your legal defense.