Strong Defense Against Drug Possession Charges

If you have been charged with drug possession, you need a strong defense. Charges related to the possession of illegal substances such as marijuana, methamphetamines and cocaine carry severe criminal penalties and even seemingly minor mistakes in how your case is handled can have serious consequences.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience Defending Against Drug Charges

Do not leave your future to chance. Contact a skilled defense attorney at the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly. Whether Mr. Connelly is able to get the evidence against you thrown out based on an illegal search and seizure, negotiate a favorable plea bargain or argue on your behalf in front of a judge and jury, he strives to obtain the best possible outcome in each and every case.

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Possession of certain substances and drug paraphernalia, is prohibited in North Carolina, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin and opioids
  • Ecstasy
  • Meth (methamphetamine)
  • GHB
  • Xanax
  • Vicodin
  • Percocet
  • Synthetic drugs, such as synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as "K2" or "Spice"

If an officer believes that you possess a quantity that constitutes more than (in his opinion) an amount for personal use, he or she can charge you with possession with intent to sell/deliver. It may be based upon the type of packaging that was present or the amount of cash in your possession. This charge carries penalties that are substantially more severe. Possession of certain drug quantities can result in a trafficking offense that carries a mandatory prison sentence, even for first-time offenders.

"The Police Want Me To Cooperate Against Other People"

Law enforcement will frequently try to convince, or even coerce you into giving a statement with false promises of favorable treatment. Whatever benefit you get from talking to police is far outweighed by the damage you may do to your case. The most important thing to remember if confronted by law enforcement is to say and do nothing.

Drug charges against you may be dismissed or reduced if:

  • The officer did not have a valid reason to stop you.
  • The officer did not have a valid reason to search you, your home (or whatever place you were), or your vehicle.
  • Your consent to the search was not free and voluntary or the officer exceeded the scope of your consent.
  • If you agree to cooperate with law enforcement under an agreement carefully negotiated by your attorney with the prosecution
  • The officer cannot prove that you were in possession of the drugs.

If charges are not dismissed, but resulted from a chemical dependency, your case may be referred to a place that focuses on treatment rather than punishment. This disposition is not available on trafficking or federal cases. Additionally, you may qualify to receive a conditional discharge.

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