Heroin and Opioid Charges: The Consequences

If you are facing Heroin and Opioid charges in North Carolina, the first thing you should do in order to protect your rights is to contact a criminal defense attorney. State and federal prosecutors are paying close attention to the heroin and opioid epidemic in the United States and are responding with aggressive prosecution, especially in the case of dealers.

At the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly, we defend clients facing heroin and opioid possession and distribution charges in North Carolina. If you are facing drug charges, schedule a consultation to learn how we can help possibly get your charges dismissed or reduced. Contact us online today to learn more.

Heroin charges are almost always considered felony charges and can lead to significant and life-changing consequences such as a Felony record, possible prison time, massive fines etc.  The length of prison &/or probation time and the amount of fines may vary depending on the amount of heroin involved and other factors.

Our firm will examine your case from all angles in an effort to build a strong defense on your behalf. Were you knowingly in possession of heroin? Were the circumstances surrounding the possession out of your control? Were you staying as a guest in the home where the heroin was found? Was your vehicle illegally searched? These questions may help open up possibilities when building your defense case.

Contact a Skilled Heroin and Opioid Possession Defense Attorney

Charged with heroin or opioid possession or distribution in North Carolina? Do not hesitate or wait to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. Call 704-376-9376 to schedule a consultation at our law office to discuss possible defense options.

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