What Is A Motion For Appropriate Relief?

Have you been convicted of a crime? There may have been defects in your original case, committed either by the police, judge, prosecution or possibly even by ineffective representation by your own lawyer. You may have pled guilty due to coaxing by an officer or other unqualified party. If you believe your case was improperly handled, there may be a second chance available by a "Motion for Appropriate Relief."

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You may not have to live with this conviction on your record. Get an experienced Charlotte traffic and criminal violations lawyer to represent you. Contact our Charlotte office to arrange a consultation.

Convictions on your record can affect your reputation, employment opportunities and personal relationships. If you were convicted of a DUI or serious driving offense, your insurance rates may have gone through the roof and now you can't afford them.

A "Motion for Appropriate Relief", or MAR, is when the court reopens a previous conviction and rehears the case. This is allowed only due to a defect or mistake in the original case. If the court allows the case to be reheard, the conviction can be vacated.

Defects include:

  • Pleading guilty without advice of an attorney
  • Improper advice by unqualified parties such as police officers, DMV or Court personnel
  • Your attorney at the time was ineffective

Motions for Appropriate Relief ("MAR") can be filed for criminal matters, including traffic violations and misdemeanors. For example, if you were convicted of a criminal offense and someone other than your attorney told you to plead guilty, that may be a defect that warrants a MAR. Attorney Connelly will aggressively advocate your MAR and fight for a vacated conviction.

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