Helping Charlotte Clients With Probation Violation Cases

Probation violations can be one of the more onerous and risky appearances in the District or Superior Courts. Probationers can be ordered back to court, sometimes by being placed under arrest and held in jail, for ANY violation of ANY condition of probation. These may include missing an office visit, missing a curfew, testing positive for a controlled substance or alcohol, traveling outside the county without the probation officer's permission, new arrests and/or convictions, failing to pay monetary obligations etc.

Upon coming to court, the judge has the authority to revoke the probation and send the probationer back to jail for the balance of the sentence. The judge can also extend the probation, add new conditions to the probation or terminate the probation. The judge can also order a combination of these conditions.

A defendant charged with probation violation should contact an attorney and seek counsel immediately. Counsel can then commence discussions with the probation officer and/or the prosecutor to negotiate recommendations and means by which to mitigate the violations.