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Larceny and Theft Archives

North Carolina waitress accused of theft in alleged tip scheme

Many people in North Carolina and across the country try to support themselves by working as servers in the food industry. Unfortunately, wages are low, and servers are often left dependent upon their customers to provide them with tips. However, law enforcement officials believe that one server committed theft in a plan to obtain additional tip money.

Woman charged with theft, larceny in North Carolina

People who work as home health aides are often placed in difficult situations. In some cases, they may be required to help their patients make purchases, for example, potentially placing them in a position in which they could be looked on with suspicion due to a transaction requiring a patient's own funds. In fact, three people who worked as home health care workers in North Carolina now face allegations of theft and larceny.

North Carolina woman charged with disaster relief fraud

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, many people in North Carolina and across the country are unsure about to whom to turn for help as they rebuild their lives. If a natural disaster is declared, some people may be able to seek relief from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. Unfortunately, a woman is now accused of fraud after seeking such assistance following Hurricane Matthew.

North Carolina couple charged with embezzlement over construction

Many people in North Carolina and across the country decide, at some point in their life, that it is time to pursue their dream home. They find a contractor that they feel like they can trust and begin the process. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials claim that a couple who owned a company that built log cabins ultimately took money from customers and then failed to deliver on their promises. The couple is now charged with embezzlement.

3 arrested, charged in North Carolina robbery string

Most police officers in North Carolina are dedicated to protecting their community and holding accountable those people they believe committed a crime. However, this dedication must also be backed up by evidence to convict someone of a crime. Despite this, it is unclear what connects the three people arrested for their alleged involvement in a robbery string to the crimes.

North Carolina Girl Scout fraud allegations leads to arrest

Most people in North Carolina and across the country are aware of the cookie-selling fundraisers that Girl Scout troops undertake. Many people may not realize the effort -- from those other than the scouts and the parents -- that goes into making such a drive a success. Unfortunately, a woman was recently arrested after fraud allegations connected with the fundraiser were made.

Defending employee theft charges in North Carolina

Depending on the workplace, an employee could have a variety of different job responsibilities, including managing inventory or writing checks. If appropriate procedures are not in place, an employee in North Carolina could easily find him- or herself facing accusations of employee theft. Fortunately, the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly is ready to help those facing such accusations.

2 men charged with larceny, other crimes in North Carolina

When a crime occurs -- especially when there appears to be a series of connected crimes -- there is often a public outcry with a demand for answers and an arrest. While community concern and a subsequent desire for an arrest is understandable, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that someone is guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, it is unclear what evidence supports the larceny and other charges that two men face in North Carolina.

North Carolina man charged with larceny in Florence break-ins

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can leave people across the country facing serious decisions that could ultimately impact their survival. Unfortunately, police believe that two men stole from businesses in the aftermath Hurricane Florence that recently impacted North Carolina and surrounding areas. They face multiple criminal charges as a result of the allegations, including larceny.

Plea deals offered in North Carolina fraud cases

When a person is charged with a crime in North Carolina or elsewhere, he or she has several important decisions to make. As these decisions are pondered, many realize that evidence can sometimes paint a false picture, potentially even indicating guilt where there is none. As such, some people, including those charged with fraud, may choose to accept a plea deal.

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